Redzonee sports is a brilliant betting platform. Due to many platforms for betting today, new sites have to transform themselves and come up with something better. In Redzone’s case, there are many positives that have emerged. Firstly, even though they are pretty much new – their products are top notch, and second they have basically targeted a particular audience, those being British fans of American sports. However, this is not it – this company also provides several offers that keep one intrigued and captured.

£50 Free Bet on Glory Markets

This is one of the very good offers provided by Redzone. By this one can get a 50 pound free bet on redzone’s glory holes or glory goals markets

How to claim the offer

There are various easy ways to claim the offer as well. We are going to lay down some easy steps to claim

  • First and foremost click the claim button
  • Second, create an account with this company using the code RZHOLE
  • Place a bet on a glory market of 10 pound or more on any sport
  • Finally, get 50 pounds free bets to use on these glory markets

Terms and conditions

1. Opt-in Required. Minimum qualifying stake £10 per bet. Customers must get 5 or 10 in a row to qualify for a £50 or £2,000 prize. Where a customer has got 5 or 10 Glory Goals selections correct, but have had losing or cashed-out bets inbetween your winning bets, no prize will be issued.

2. Customers can qualify for a cash prize of £50 for getting 5 winning selections in a row. For customers that go on to get a further 5 winning selections in a row there is a cash prize of £2,000.

3. When a customer places a losing bet of £10 or more at the minimum odds of 1.5, their streak will end and will start again from one. Cashed-out and partially cashed-out bets will be declared as void. Bets will be counted in order of bet placement, for example, the next five bets placed will have to win to qualify for a prize. Where a customer places two bets at the same time, the bet with the lowest ticket ID will be counted as the qualifying bet.

4. Customers can qualify for for £2,050 in prize for each set of 10 in a row. For example, a customer that has 5 winnings bets in a row will receive £50. If the customer places a further 5 winnings bets in row they will receive £2,000, rather than another £50.

5. Customers may cancel their participation in this promotion at any point by contacting

6. When a customer reaches 10 winning bets in a row, their streak will restart.

7. Customers must contact us via Twitter or through our support team to redeem their prize.

8. Cash prizes are not subject to any turnover requirement and will be added to your Real Money balance.

9. Cash prizes will be credited within 24 hours of you contacting RedZone, subject to meeting the qualifying criteria.

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This particular website and gambling platform considers redzone to be a very fun form of entertainment and a venture which should not have an impact on anyone’s life. Thus, when it comes to trust and a user-friendly environment, then redzone is the place!