Betconnect is a platform mainly for the Uk based customers where one can place their bets and usually arise as winners. There are two types of users who indulge with Betconnect. On one hand there are the pro punters and on the other hand there are the regular recreational punters.

Many question the difference between these two customers. The pro punters are regarded as experts who have laid down their betting accounts since years, and therefore they can place bets through this company.

While recreational punters are able to copy and follow the bets laid by the professional gamblers! The punters don’t necessarily have to follow these bets. One can send them a bet request and if they want to go with the pro – they will be able to match on lay it on Betconnect with just a click!

And when that happens ( punter matches the pro ) the punter thus needs liability in their account, and hence both the sides are held with Betconnect

Apart from the above services and excitement provided by the company to its various customers, Betconnect also lays down offers that are thrilling and cannot be avoided!

The offer to avail is called – join in today to get up to 50 pounds in free matched bets! This offer has excited many people and is available to new punter accounts. Sadly, people with Pro Accounts cannot avail this offer.  One is to make a deposit of at least 10 pounds in their new punter account and once that is done – their account will be credited with free bets!

Ways to avail this offer

If you are a customer who wants to take forward the above offer, then there are various steps to follow:

First and foremost the keen customer should create a new bet connect Punter account.  Once that is done the same customer should opt in to receive the free matched bet offer. And finally to end the process the customer should make a deposit of at least 10 pounds!

Terms and conditions

The very important term laid down is that this offer is only available to one person, for example one person out of the household, family, email address, credit card number or a shared environment.

This offer is valid to only those who have registered from punter accounts

This offer can change and evolve through the process. Betconnect can amend its offer and terms at any point of time. They also hold the authority to cancel the promotion

Betconnect will review each customer’s plea. And if it has been found that any terms of an offer/promotion has been breached then the person will not be able to avail any of the current offers. Betconnect aids honesty and not those who do not follow the guidelines and play fair.

At the end of it Betconnect considers all the above terms and conditions to be fair and if a customer decides to participate in the free matched bet offer, then they are agreeing to the conditions laid above. In case a person needs to inquire or know more about any of the above terms – they can get in touch with the customer support.

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Betconnect is going through an exciting phase, and is definitely growing very fast as the best betting company among the Uk customers! The concept adopted by Betconnect is different and unique.

In fact, there are many punters who are siding with the pro and the concept that Betconnect has adopted is evolving at a fast pace with many profits and credibility being incurred by the company!